About RuneScape MiningVSmithing

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Mining is the most profitable skill. As long as you can enter Mining Guild, then money is not a problem. But before you make money, you must also have two brushes. That is, your Mining Level must be at least 60, otherwise you will not be able to enter the Mining Guild.

About RuneScape MiningVSmithing

There are two ways to practice Mining: 1. Pure Mining2. Mining+Smithing

If you choose the first route, then I suggest that you complete Rune Mysteries this Quest, then you can dig rune ess. Every time you dig a rune ess, you can get 5xp, which is a good choice for those who just started practicing Mining, because you don’t have to grab someone, and you can dig until the bag is full. The dug rune ess can be sold to other players (at least 10gp) or left for runecraft.

If you can, dig up to Level 41 and then you can use rune pickaxe and move to iron from now on. Because iron is not much, it is often to grab with others, but since you are pure mining it is different. Far from the bank, there is no monster interference and there is a lot of iron is the mining area north of Rimmington, where there are a total of 5 iron, of which three groups, two for the other group. Which side will no one go to dig it, if you want to rob with others is also possible, of course, is that you have to win someone else useful. When you’ve dug it up, throw it away or give it to someone else. It’s a good idea to lose it every time you dig a hole before it’s still refreshed, so you don’t waste time. If it’s on the side of a group of three, it takes about 2 minutes to collect the bags (28) and lose it all the time (nobody grabs you), and the experience gained is 980xp if you’re playing endlessly. Level 60 can be reached in about 8 hours.

If you want to make money, you can immediately go to Coal Mining Mining Guild, if you want to continue to rise Level dig it iron. When you have tried all the mines, you can find that iron is the most easily mined mine in all mines. Your shovel is already in your bag before it is completely gone. Although the experience value obtained by advanced mines is relatively high, the chance of excavation is not high, and the refresh time is long and it is not suitable for practicing.

The first point is introduced here. Next we go into Mining+Smithing.

The mining areas, banks, furnace and anvil in the game are bizarrely far away and cannot be performed at the same time. The most effective method is to dig mines and deposit them in banks. After a certain amount of digging, he went to Al-Kharid for smelting and asked Smithing to go to the bank west of Varrock.

At the very beginning, you can dig tin and copper. At the mining site, you are recommended to go to the southwest side of Varrock (tin only), southeast of Varrock or Dwarven Mine (do not interfere with high levels, do not enter into the level). When your level of Mining reaches 15, you don’t need to rush to dig an iron, because generally you can’t extract iron. Keep digging tin and copper until you can refine iron (100 tin and 100 should be enough). Your Mining Level is about 18. You can go to Mining Level 21 and change mith pickaxe to dig iron. This is more efficient.

Smelt iron is a difficult road because you only have a 50% success rate. If you fail, you will not only lose iron and have no experience! So once you can smelt steel, you can quickly change. To get through this road you must dig at least 300 irons. If you count 50% failure rate, then at least 600 irons can start smelt steel (at this time the Mining Level is about 35, you can dig the coal). . To be honest, it’s difficult to dig coal outside of Mining Guild, so I suggest using pure mining to raise the Mining Level to 60. This saves a lot of time.

When you can smelt mith, you don’t need to rush to find the mith mine to dig, continue to dig iron and coal to synthesize the steel bar and then hit the steel plate body to sell it or use Magic to turn it into money (250 steel plate body Level 21 Magic can be changed to 200k, Level 55 Magic can be changed to 300k). Starting from mith, the mine is a bit small and the probability of excavation is not high and it is not suitable for practicing.

Smithing is recommended to practice Magic to Level 55, because three of them will be used. They are: Level 21: Low Level Alchamy Level 43: Superheat Item (Mining can be done without using furnace) Level 55: High Level Alchamy (Turn the item into more money, you can give up Level 21 magic)

Finally talk about pickaxe’s choice. The worst bronze pickaxe will have to knock seven times to judge once (judgement is to judge whether or not to obtain mine). Pickaxe will be reduced once for each level. The best rune pickaxe will judge once by knocking twice. As soon as you have money, you can immediately upgrade pickaxe. If you have no money, you can buy it (I was skipping addy pickaxe directly to buy rune pickaxe).