RuneScape novice how to quickly earn runescape gold

June 20, 2018 0 By admin

Runescape gold

1) Wool; for lumbrige’s sheepfold, just a pair of scissors (the store sells 1 gold coin, there is also a table on the side of the house beside the lumberidge sheepfold), don’t wear anything other than the scissors, don’t wear any armor, so Longer running time, want to get rams to practice level on the body to wear a sword on the line. Every time I collected 27, I went to the third floor of the lum castle and put the wool in the bank. Then went to the sheepfold and collected 27 more. Repeatedly, as long as you feel enough, go to var’s grandexchange. A group of raw wool is 94-106 gold coins, to minimize the price, generally buy very quickly.

2) cow hide; lumbridge’s cattle farm, wear a weapon, (when the level is low, the body should bring some armor, axe, firing box, used for beef when the life is low) Remember! Mainly to make money, do not fight! Collect cowhide, if someone doesn’t pick it up, pick it up right now. When the backpack is full, you just run back to the bank, just like wool.

3) Mining; there is a mining area in the south of lumbridge. When talking with npc, he will give you a copper gong and start mining (you can conditionally use the button elves to hang up). Once you have filled, you throw all the minerals in your body. Yes, it is too much trouble to run the bank) to get 15 levels, the rich can go to grandexchange to buy a steel rake, and then spend ten dollars to the desert mining iron, the desert city has a bank, more convenient. You can go to grandexchange and sell them all. Level 30 can be used for coal mining, but coal has a relatively slow regeneration time. It is better to use iron before level 50.

4) Runestone; First do the mission of the Lumbridge Church, then go to the basement of the Witcher’s Tower to speak with the first wizard. He will send you to the place where the stone of the Rune was digged. The rest is the same as the mining.